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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 12:01 am    Post subject: WELCOME PLEASE READ ME Reply with quote

Welcome to The Core!
As a raiding guild, we are here to provide our guild members a friendly and mature gaming atmosphere while we attempt to progress further into end-game contents. We currently have Gruuls on farm status and begun to venture into Magtheridon and Serpentshrine. We want to get into Black Temple and take out bosses there before the next expansion comes out.
If you are accepted as a Recruit into The Core, we will request that you close any open applications with other guilds.
While your application is in progress, please allow 2-3 days for us to look into your profile.

ALL recruits will follow a month probationary period.

There is a minumum of 75 earned DKP requirement for all new recruit before you can say aye on any epic during a raid instance beyond Karazhan, unless nobody want it then it will be defaulted to you with the appropriate DKP cost.

No one is guaranteed membership by being invited to the guild.

We will evaluate how you fit into the guild and go over your skills and attitude with you prior to giving you our final decision to:

Keep you as a member

Leave you as a recruit until certain requirements are fulfilled

Ask you to de-guild if we do not feel you are a right person for us

We will consinder all open-class applicant and will re-evaluate you constantly during the period of probation.

Terms and Conditions
To become a genuine member of The Core, all potential recruits must agree on rules listed below. These rules are also apply to all guild members.

To become a Core Raider you must meet our raid attendance requirements and other criteria which are:

Available to raid 10-16 raids a month by either being drafted, assigned to stand by, and if you volunteer to raids but not drafted come online to make sure their classes are present to raids. Anyone drafted for stand by or volunteers to a raid should be online. If so will be asked to raid for the person who was drafted and didn't show. Be on time and prepared for raids with reagents, potions, elixirs, flask, etc... Have their gear pimped out with all the high level enchants and blue gems inserted into all gear. Able to perform the best of their ability to help our raids be successful.

A. Raids

1. For members who are drafted for the raid, you are required to be in the game with the toon you will be raiding within the 15 minutes of scheduled invite time. If you do not show up 15 minutes after the scheduled invite time, you will be considered late for the raid. A penalty of DKP reduction will be applied upon you (See Section B.7).

2. A Standby replacement will take over your spot at scheduled raid time, and you will consider as No Show for the raid (See Section B.2)

3. Be prepared for raid, have sufficient consumables and whatever else you may need to use during raid.

4. During raid time, we need everyone in the raid to keep the chatter at minimum. The raid leader should be the only person speaking as the engagement of bosses will be explained before interaction.

5. All raid time will be posted at the sign post, please do not sign up for that raid if you are not able to stay for the entire raid time. Should you be leaving the raid earlier than scheduled. A penalty of DKP reduction will be applied upon you(See Section B.3)

6. If you are drafted for standby for the raid, you are expected to park your toon outside the instance and be prepared (See Section A.1). A DKP bonus will be awarded to those are drafted as standby (See Section B.1)

7. Should you chose not to be on the Standby list, you can delist yourself by notify any officer and there will be NO penalty upon delisting yourself and no DKP bonus be awarded to you.

8. Loot rules are member over recruit, main over alt.

B. DKP Awards and Penalties

1. A bonus of 10 DKP will be awarded to you if you choose to stay on the standby list for the raid. This bonus does not apply in instances such as Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Lair.

1a. A bonus of 10 DKP will be awarded to all raiders who are invited 15 minutes before raid time.

1b. A bonus of 20 dkp for members who recommend new members to our guild. 10 DKP will be awarded once they meet our raid requirements and are invited to the guild. Remainder 10 DKP will be given once the new recruit becomes a member who raids on a consistent basis.

2. A reduction of 25 DKP will be applied on you, if you do not show up for the raid when you are drafted for that raid without a reasonable notification to any officer in guild.

3. A penalty of minus 25 DKP for leaving the raid before the scheduled raid time is over without a valid reason.

4. 1 point DKP will be reward to raid members for each boss attempt before the raid get it down for the first time

5. Minus10 DKP if you delist from the raid after the draft night and you are drafted for the raid. There will be no penalty if you delist before draft night.

6. Minus10 DKP for No Show when we needed you if you are drafted for Standby.

7. Minus 5 DKP for showing up late to the raid. Late is 15 minutes after invites have started. At 15 minutes into invite we will look for a replacement for your drafted spot. At 10 minutes before first pull you will lose your raid spot for that raid and take a penalty for being late and a no show penalty equaling a total of -15 dkp. Now if you now show with out a good reason we will add -10 dkp to equal a total of -25 dkp for a no show.

8. Any core raider accumulating -50 dkp for no shows will be demoted to member. Any member accumulating -75 dkp for no shows will be removed from the guild.


Zulaman loot will be based on rolling 1-100 one epic per guild run. A guild run is a set of dates set forth for a particular raid instance.

Example we raid Zulaman Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. IF the instance resets between Tuesday & Wednesday its still considered one guild run. If you won an item by default on Monday, you are not allow to roll again on Tuesday against someone else wanting a certain epic loot drop, it is your one epic piece for that guild run.

You may still win more items if defaulted to you. But you are not allowed to roll against someone who hasn't won anything during a particular guild run. This allows everyone who attend raids to share in the loot equally.

We reserved the right to edit and add anything mentioned above in our discression at anytime when neccessary.
"Shake and Bake!" - Cal Naughton Jr.
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